Bill Grigsby Tribute


Keeping up with Grigs in an airport was tough. He walked fast and with purpose. In fact, the more time we had, the faster he walked. By the time the rest of us arrived at the gate, Grigs was already best friends with the pilots and crew. And he was holding court with everyone waiting to board – and a few who weren’t.

It could have been the cab driver, or a fan waiting in line. A security guard; a receptionist; or a CEO. Everyone succumbed to the warmth and charisma of Grigs. And everyone who had the fortune to cross his path, would always remember fondly their brief encounter with the Grigs! He was after all infectious. He was…a friend to life itself. He loved Lenny. And he loved Lamar Hunt.

Like so, so many others, I will always remember my time with Bill Grigsby. And just as before, I know he is at the gate…right now…holding court and making friends. I can only imagine the smile on his face, as he was greeted by the Mentor and Lamar.

Goodbye Ol’ Friend!  Until we meet again…

Chiefs fans mourn the loss of Bill Grigsby
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