Chiefs WR Hill vows to change, says he’s ‘growing’

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill addressed the media on Sunday for the first time after a turbulent offseason and spoke of how he’s embarked on a journey toward self-improvement.”I can’t wait for my new journey, man. I’m excited,” Hill, 25, said. “I’m working every day to be a better father, better person, better citizen, a better son, too, to my parents.”The Chiefs suspended Hill while he was under investigation following allegations of child abuse when his 3-year-old son suffered a broken arm. The NFL ruled last week that since the police investigation did not find enough evidence to charge Hill, he wouldn’t be punished or suspended by the league.”One thing stood out to me: my mom, as I was going through this long process, my mom told me people don’t need to change, they need to grow. When you think about it, a tree changes and a tree grows every day. My mom kept telling me ‘Reek, you need to grow. You need to add layers to yourself because if a tree grows, it doesn’t go back.’ So, I don’t want to go back. I want to grow every day of my life.”The Chiefs suspended Hill after an audio recording of a fight between Hill and fiancée Crystal Espinal was made public in April. He said Sunday he wasn’t aware of the tape’s existence until it was released.