Chiefs Have Two Young Players on “Cusp of Elite Status,” PFF Says

The folks over at Pro Football Focus routinely put out statistics and information in the hopes of giving football fans a better way to understand player and team performances beyond traditional box scores.All of the analytics and advanced metrics that have come on the scene over the past few years have changed the way a lot of fans consume information, particularly in regards to positions that aren’t necessarily highlighted while watching a live game.It’s the stuff happening away from the ball. They have found ways to explain how successful those plays and performances are in a lot of cases, although there’s still an element of not knowing exactly the responsibilities on every single play for the guys grading and charting.But nonetheless, the information still facilitates discussion and intrigue regarding players, teams, and what the future might hold for both.And just recently, they released an article titled, “NFL welcomes young players on the cusp of elite status for 2018,” which is exactly the kind of article that you want your teams’ players listed.”A list in which we won’t be surprised if these players aren’t topping the charts in one way or the other at the end of the season,” they wrote to explain the context behind the article.In this piece, there were 10 guys included and the Kansas City Chiefs had two of them, which made them the only team in the NFL with multiple players listed.The Chiefs’ players listed were receiver Tyreek Hill and defensive lineman Chris Jones (click here for the full article).Here’s part of what they had to say about Hill: