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Hang with Patrick Mahomes & work on your no-look pass!

Imagine this: You’re right in the middle of an epic, finger-cramping game of Madden. You glance to your left and see Patrick Mahomes’ picture on the cover of the Madden 20 game case. You glance to your right and see… the actual Patrick Mahomes. Yes, this is your life! Pinch yourself, then get back to…MORE


Fan up with Community America Chiefs Checking

Take fandom to the next level with our exclusive Chiefs Checking. It’s free and you earn cash back on your purchases. Prepare to be the envy of every checkout lane and restaurant tab when you flash that red and gold Visa® Chiefs debit card. OPEN A CHIEFS CHECKING ACCOUNT THE PERKS The perks of Chiefs…MORE


Capitol Federal’s BIG MONEY Play of the Game

Be listening during EVERY CHIEFS Game for the Capitol Federal BIG MONEY Play of the Game! When you hear Mitch call the BIG MONEY Play of the Game TEXT the word MONEY to the number 67664 to be entered to win a $125 gift card. The week after the game we will announce the weekly winner and post the Podcast…MORE